The first attempt

Equipped with 5,5mm knitting needles and some yarn from Hjertegarn called Ragg Melanges, my knitting adventure was ready to begin. But having no clue about how to actually cast-on meaning, creating the initial stitches to actually be able to knit anything, called for some YouTube searching.

It took a few attempts, but eventually I figured out how to cast on. It was slow going, but after a while I ended up with a string of cast-on stitches. By no means were they perfectly straight and uniform, but it was a start.

Eventually I managed to make the number of stitches I wanted and it was now time to actually start knitting. Another challenge to tackle. I looked up some more videos to see what I was supposed to do. This is when I learned that YouTube is filled with crappy tutorials. It took a good 15 minutes to find a tutorial that actually showed the knit stitch properly, and I could finally get on with it.

A few rows later it became clear to me that knitting isn’t just a matter of knitting the stitch, but tension on the yarn is also important. This called for more YouTube detective work to find videos of helpful ladies with tips on how to maintain proper tension on the yarn when knitting a stitch. It turns out that everyone has their own style when it comes to tension. I tried them all and eventually found one that felt comfortable to my hands.

I decided to keep going until I ran out of yarn. Clearly the end result wasn’t exactly worthy of praise by any stretch, but hey, it’s all about practice.

Now to rip back everything and roll the yarn up into a ball and start over again with hopefully better results.

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