Let’s make a scarf

It’s still pretty cold here, so why not let the first knitting project be to make a warm scarf. It’s a great beginner project and the kind of yarn I already have on hand is perfect for it. I don’t need to learn any special techniques to do it and it’s just back and forth until I feel it’s long enough.

Obviously the one ball (or skein) of yarn I have won’t be anywhere near enough to make a scarf, so some I went shopping for some more and got started immediately.

The start was much easier this time. The cast-on was more uniform, and the first couple of rows of knitting are much more even. I still have a lot of practicing to do to get my tension under control, but it’s a vast improvement on my first attempt. This is looking promising.

I kept going for, I don’t know how many hours, and finally finished the first skein of yarn. My tension has improved noticeably, and the first section of the scarf is looking pretty good if I have to say so myself.

Tomorrow I’ll switch to a darker grey and continue with the next section. It’s just knitting back and forth over and over again, but it’s nice and easy with what I’ve learned so far.

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