I made a scarf

Yes, it’s finally finished. It has come off the needles as they say, and now I have something to wrap around my neck to stave off the cold. Six skeins of yarn, and about a weeks worth of work is what it took for me to finish my very first knitting project.

It’s only been about a week since I decided to pick up knitting in order to occupy my otherwise very chaotic mind, and now I’ve actually finished something. The feeling of achievement is hard to describe. It’s not like I’ve never completed anything before, far from it. Working in an office has its own sense of achievement sometimes, but making something with your own two hands and seeing the result is completely different. I can now see how carpenters, masons and other people who create something physical can stand back and appreciate what they have done.

It’s cold here, and snow has been coming down steadily. It’s time for me to put on my coat, put on my new scarf and head out to do some grocery shopping.

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