Onto another project

After completing Project Scarf, I obviously had to get started on something else. Being a complete beginner in the world of knitting, I turned to my grandma for some inspiration. She recommended I got started on a pillow case (or cover if you will), so that’s what I did.

The whole idea was to continue knitting back and forth for a while and really get some practice done with regards to technique and tension. This time I was also introduced to purling, and this project would give me a lot of practice doing that particular stitch.

The pillow cover / case is knitted in the stockinette stitch, alternating every 14 rows in order to give the fabric a striping effect. The self-striping yarn I’m using is a lot thinner than what I used for the scarf, and the circular needle I’m using is 4mm. Every row has more than double the number of stitches than what I used for the scarf, so this project will take considerably more time.

Let the knitting commence.

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