First part done

First part of the pillow cover is officially done, mistakes and all. I lost count of the rows I was doing several times, so the striping is uneven and stitches were lost, picked back up, more stitches introduced and removed. But it’s finally done, and I’ve been purling like crazy. I can understand why some knitters dislike purling.

The color change is pretty funky looking, but it’s growing on me. It’s definitely different that’s for sure. Now it’s just a matter of making one more, and get myself over to my grandma’s place and have her sew everything up into the final piece. At this point I have no intention of learning how to sew, however I suspect it will become necessary as I progress with the craft. If I want to eventually make a sweater or something else that requires assembly, I’m guessing some sewing skills will be required.

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