It’s time for socks

After having a bit of back and forth with my grandma as to what my next project should be, we finally settled on something a bit more complicated. I grabbed my double pointed needles (DPNs) and got started on my very first sock.

Now this is something different entirely. I now have 5 knitting needles to contend with. It’s fiddly to say the least. The DPNs are short and I’m constantly worried I’ll lose a stitch. On the upside, it’s all knit stitches apart from the first handful of rows of ribbing.

It’s fairly slow going for now, but I’m absolutely going to invest in the longer DPNs to avoid dropping stitches by accident. Other than that, I’m excited to get stuck in with this project. I have no idea about how to make the heel and the turn into the foot, so I’m going to lean on my dear grandmother to teach me these things.

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